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Update September 2017: Apple introduced a new icon style in iOS 11. They call them the tab bar icons. They are not thin outline icons anymore; these are the solid icons. Apple calls them the glyphs. We've created an open source icon pack with the new iOS 11 glyphs.

Update Aug 2013: this set is targeted to iOS 1-6 and is is deprecated. We’ve developed a new icon set for iOS 7 instead.

Here you can download 800 icons for iPhone and iPad.

This archive (2.2 Mb) contains:

Sorry, we needed your attention. Please read the license:



Although we create new icons daily, the archive is not updated since September 13, 2012 (it's all manual process, really time consuming and depressively boring). But sure you can buy vector source and prepare an iPhone icon in less than a minute (here's some help and a Photoshop template).


Preview all icons in a single PNG file (800kb, 6 000 px tall)

The story behind it (as if someone cares)

  1. Initially, we didn't think about it as a paid work. We created it for the developer's community, to get some links and some Google PR.
  2. Sure we offered an attribution-free license. It was never successful. We never got back money we paid to the PHP guy who developed it.
  3. But people must be hating linking to us, so suddenly we earned $1400 in August 2012.
  4. Now we offer buying the license more aggressively and also propose sponsoring an icon.

And now we'd thank everyone for

The problem is this post is too long and too boring. Too sad nobody could read to this point.

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